Friday Top 5: Summer Movies

by laura.johnson

There is something about the dead hot days of summer to make you want to see a movie.  Maybe it’s the break from the sun, or the chance to take in a little air conditioning but for some reason blockbuster and summer just go together.

1. Gidget  Nothing like a 50’s surfing movie to make this land locked girl feel like she had a day at the beach.  Gotta love Gidget’s spunk as she tries to join in with the boys, after all ‘surfing is the absolute ultimate’.

2. Top Gun has all of the perfect elements of a great summer movie; forbidden romance, a rebel finding his way, beach volleyball not to mention spectacular aviator sunglasses!

3. Grease two words, Summer Loving… So many great songs and plot lines that take you back to the hair flipping days of high school.  I can’t help want 4″ red sling backs after watching that last scene.  Oh Sandra Dee.

4. Batman 1989  You may have noticed by now my that husband is a Batman aficionado, and until this recent ‘reboot’ this was his favorite film.  Could I really my a best of film list and not include it?

5. Sandlot  If you haven’t send this movie in the last 3 years, do your self a favor and watch it.  Believe it or not it’s actually funnier as an adult than a 9 year old right field playing kid I would know I’ve been both.


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  1. the sandlot! i LOVE that movie! you’re right, it is the perfect summer movie.

    i don’t know why, but pretty much every season means it’s time for “you’ve got mail” to me. guess it’s b/c they cover every season in it, but for summer i love the idea of strolling thru new york, getting fresh fruit and veggies, sitting next to tom hanks on a bench and people watching!

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