Front Door: Beau and Teagan

by laura.johnson

Beau and Teagan purchased their house shortly after I after I moved to Sagianw. As a girl who always has at least 3 projects on her mind, Beau and Teagan have been nice enough to let Cody and me come over and play ‘fix-up’ at their house. We’ve helped re-finish their hardwood floors and paint walls, and they even let me hunt for furniture to my heart’s content. Plus they always make sure they feed us well along the way. Bonus!

So you can fully appreciate their vision and mission allow me to introduce you to our dear, dear friends and their darling first home just as they found it about 2 years ago.  -lj

photo by Matthew Stephens | The Saginaw News

When my husband and I bought our house our main goal was for it to be a place where anyone was welcome. We live in a rougher neighborhood in a rough town, and we envisioned our home as a starting place to help turn around our neighborhood. A little presumptuous, yes, but still something that God has placed upon our hearts.

The process of finding our home, was in drastic contrast to the house hunting process that I see others go though. We looked at around five houses in our neighborhood, and the one we bought was the one that was livable. So, we packed up and moved despite the prominent mirror tile wall and rooms that were decked out in cheap paneling.

Cosmetically our home had a couple of issues, along with those already mentioned, the kitchen counters consisted of linoleum nailed down. These were things that did not deter me however, and I loved our home pretty much instantly. Built in 1909 it has characteristics that you just don’t find in newer homes. It has walk in closets that you have to duck to utilized as the eves of the house cut though them. Also the floor plan to me is delightfully simple, no fancy entryway or space that is not really utilizable.

One of the things that I really love about my home though, is my porch. When I think about what I want my house to be, I want it to be welcoming, and a porch in my mind is key. What is more welcoming than a neighbor sitting on their lovely porch waving hello as you pass by? I have flowers, paper lanterns, chairs, gliders, citronella candles, sidewalk chalk, and bubbles; really everything you could want on a porch. I spent more time arranging and decorating my porch then any other room in my house almost. Children stop by and sit even when we aren’t home and leave us messages with chalk. People I meet other places know where I live because my house leaves an impression, as being open and bright. This is the beginning of the life of hospitality that my husband and I want to live, and we feel incredibly blessed with the home that God has given us as a tool to make it happen.- teagan carnes

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