Front door: Brad & Kelsey

by Andrea Cooley

This morning I am so excited to share the front door of one of my dear friends. Kelsey and Brad are an awesome couple who are always ready to open their door to guests! Adam and I have enjoyed several weekend “getaways” at their house.

What do you love about your front door?
I painted the front door this spring with a happy greenish-yellow that I had left over from painting our kitchen. It’s so much more interesting than white, and it helps when we’re giving directions to new friends because we can say we’re the one with the green door! Plus, we live on a street with duplexes that have mostly the same style, so painting our door has helped to set apart our home from the others. I decided on green because we have a couple of different wreaths for different seasons-one white for summer and spring and one that is red for fall and winter; I could see both of them striking quite a contrast against the green.

What makes this house your home?
Brad lived here for about 10 years before we were married and this house functioned as a bachelor pad. Once we got married, we made a list of the projects we wanted to get done and two years into it, we’re almost there! The most recent project is a kitchen upgrade. We got rid of the green laminate counter tops and white and green linoleum and put down neutral granite countertops and dark brown bamboo wood floors. It’s made a huge difference in our kitchen. We had a friend landscape our yard by adding lots of new plants and mulch. We have roses, grasses, lilacs, peonies, and hostas now. I’ve also enjoyed sewing a couple of projects for our home-curtains and pillows in our master bedroom, which makes this house feel like ours.

What is your favorite architectural element of your home?
I like our high ceilings in the living/dining room because it makes the room feel so much bigger. I also like that our guest bedroom and bathroom is in the basement. Having it downstairs makes it really convenient when hosting friends and family because it gives us and them a lot of privacy.

What is your favorite room/space in your house?
I really like our deck on the back of our house. In the summer we like to have guests out there for dinner and sometimes we get to eat a leisurely breakfast outside or just sip coffee in the sunshine. We’re surrounded by trees and lots of birds!

What projects are you dreaming about?
We hope to fix the driveway cement and stain the front door steps.

What is your current household obsession?
We are having a baby girl in January, so the most important priority right now is getting her room ready! We’re trying to decide on paint colors, furniture, decor, lighting, and fabrics to welcome our little girl into the world. It’s so much fun and also slightly overwhelming because there are so many options.

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