Front Door: Britteny & Matt from Our Poverty with a View

by laura.johnson

Britteny and Matt moved from the Midwest to the beach almost a year ago. While setting up temporary a residence in sunny LA they have found a way to turn a ‘builder grade’ apartment into their sweet little abode. Enjoy!


We packed up our baby dogs and headed for the Wild Wild West for Matt to attend graduate school at USC. Moving away from our friends and our first home was equally terrifying and exhilarating.

In the year since moving into our tiny, two bedroom beach apartment, we’ve both learned a lot about what makes a house a home. I’ll admit that it’s been frustrating for me not being able to change anything about our apartment. The builder bathroom, white tile counters, and vertical blinds are all staying.

I’ve since found ways we can still make our place feel like ours. I’ve focused on making our house a comfortable place to hang out and entertain. We want our new friends (and visiting family!) to feel like they can kick up their feet and stay awhile. We don’t want it to feel like a temporary dorm room.

I bent the rules a little bit and painted our living room and dining area a light grey. We swapped out furniture and accessories from our old home to fit this place. I originally hesitated to buy or add anything new to this apartment since it isn’t our “forever home.” I’ve decided that this is our home right now and we should be happy and comfortable in it.

Some of our favorite things that make it feel like ours are: books (we are addicted!), pictures of friends and family and knick-knacks from our local travels out here. It makes us feel like we’re blending our old life with the one we’re living right now.

So of course, I dream about the day I can tear into another fixer-up house, but I’m trying to enjoy the moment we’re in now. Exploring our new city and all of the adventures our new front door takes us to.

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