Front Door: Carrie Krupke

by Andrea Cooley

Today we are thrilled to show a peek into someone else’s home. Carrie Krupke and her charming 1200 square foot house. See more of Carrie’s work at Pitch Perfect Picture.

What makes this house  your home?
This house is my home because it’s where I hang my clothes. Growing up, I would spend summers in Iowa (where I met Laura) and during the school year, live in California. I decided that, splitting my time between two places for extended periods of time, my definition of home would be wherever I hang my clothes in the closet.


What is your favorite architectural element of your home?
I grew up in a ranch style home in California where we didn’t have any stairs. I assumed that when my husband and I moved into a split-level home the stairs would be the bane of my existence. Stairs, in general, still are (and my closest friends will tell you I climb stairs in a weird and slow way) but I’ve used these stairs as a source for exercise. Which, on a snowy day when I can’t get outside for a walk, is a great way to expend my energy and my dog’s! She loves bounding up and down them playing fetch. I guess those stairs are growing on me…

My second favorite element is the amount of pantry space in my kitchen. I’ve heard it has incited “pantry envy” on occasion.

What is your favorite spot in your house?
My personal favorite place in our home is our living room couch, though I don’t go there nearly as often as I should! It is one of two sleep-able couches in our house, but really, it’s the one you go to for cat naps, quiet times, and sprawling out when you just need some peace and quiet. The cushions give perfect support, yet they’re just the right amount of squishy for snuggling on a cold day with a good book.

What led you to this front door?
Quite literally, the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears (and God!) led us to this house. We viewed three houses on Dec. 1, 2007. One needed more work to be done to it than we could afford, the second had everything we wanted but was without a basement (which, in tornado-ridden Iowa, is somewhat necessary). This was the third house we viewed and the recently remodeled kitchen was “juuuuust right”. Long story short: We found ourselves moving in on Jan. 1, 2008 with the help of 20 people from our church! 

What projects are you dreaming about?
Currently, we like to dream about adding onto the back of our house to make a walk out basement and enlarge the master bedroom upstairs to make it a suite. There are a lot of “ifs” and financial “buts” in the discussion, so it’s tabled. For now…

What is your current household obsession?
De-cluttering! Our 1200 square f00t space can look messy quickly if we don’t keep the clutter down. I’m always looking for better ways to organize and find a better/cleaner arrangement for the things we own. My co-obsessions? Painting things white to make our smaller space look brighter and bigger and finding places for hooks as suggested by
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