Front Door: Erin at House of Earnest

by Andrea Cooley

Every house has a story, and Erin of House of Earnest is no exception! It’s not often you find someone living in a house that has been passed down generation to generation. I love how she brings her rustic/modern aesthetic into the walls of a 100+ year old home. If her charming porch leaves you wishing you could see the rest of her house, check out her house tour here!

What makes this house home?
The tradition of the home and the family that have lived here. We are the 7th generation in my husband’s family to live in this same house, knowing that the pine trees outside are Christmas trees that belonged to our 92 year old grandmother is special.

What is your favorite architectural element of your home?
The double staircases! One originates in the foyer and one in the kitchen. The both go to the second level. I seems like a feature that would have been rare and special in the late 1800s when the home was built.

What is your favorite space in your home?
The kitchen.  There is no TV, so lots of conversation and cooking go on.

What lead you to this front door?
It is original to the home, and I felt it was important to keep!

What projects are you dreaming about?
Renovating my master bedroom! I want a fresh, relaxing retreat to snuggle up to my husband and the dog with coffee on Saturday mornings.

What is your current household obsession?
Books! Both from a stylistic standpoint and an educational standpoint. I have stacks and stacks taking over… I really haven’t had time to read through most of them, but I swear I will. Eventually.

Check out more front doors or send us yours! We’re always looking for a good house story!

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