Front Door: Mimi and Brett

by Andrea Cooley

Today I'm so excited to share a peak into Mimi's beautiful home. If you love modern country style and simple shabby chic furniture, you'll love her blog Vintage Charm by Mimi.

She makes me want to rescue old furniture that just needs a little love (and a coat of white paint!). Her decorating eye and sense of style are spot on. If Country Home magazine still existed, I could definitely see her house in its pages!  I'm in love with her front door. The scalloped siding makes it look like a doll house!

Her home is definitely a labor of love! Not many people can say their husband built their house, but that's just what her husband Brett did, and from where I'm sitting, it was worth every drop of sweat!

When I asked her to share her front door, she said her house reminds her of this line from Miranda Lambert's song "The House that Built Me".

"Mama cut out pictures of houses for years
from 'Better Homes and Garden' magazine
plans were drawn and concrete poured
and nail by nail and board by board
daddy gave life to mama's dream"

Don't you love that?


1. What do you love about your front door?
This question is a little funny for me because the front door is one of three things I would do differently with my new home. I love old wood doors with the oval window in them. Most of the time they have decorative woodwork and door knobs that go with them. My husband knew I loved doors like that and went ahead and ordered an energy efficient Therma-tru door with an oval window in it. Let's just say it doesn't quite have they same charm. I would definitely pick something different if we were choosing now. Have you seen all those cute front doors on Pinterest?!!! I love when they have the house number on them. No worries… that's an easy fix down the road.

mimi12. What makes this house your home?
I love this question. This house is our home because my husband built it (literally with his own two hands). I still can't believe he did it and survived for that matter; it was a huge feat. I suppose it's a romantic notion to live in a home that you built yourself but as my husband likes to say "it almost killed me" and "I am still recovering from that year". He worked full time to support us and every other free moment was spent on the house. I am so thankful for this home! We feel really blessed to be living our dream in the country. We've got a beautiful piece of land (rich in my family history) and now a beautiful little country cottage to go along with it.


What is your favorite architectural element of your home?
I love my open staircase that you see right as you come in the front door. Does that count as "architectural" ? I hope so. It's simple but very charming.


4. What is your favorite room/space in the home?
I would have to say my master bathroom. One because it's "done" so to speak (if you live with a carpenter, you know what I mean). And two because when I want a little escape, I can go soak in my vintage claw foot tub.

5. What projects are you dreaming about?
My kitchen! I am hoping and praying that the husband will find some time and have the energy to finish it.  My motto is: "2013 is the year of the kitchen, right babe?!?!" He just smiles at me. I'm really excited for that room to come together. It's a great space and we even splurged on one of those beautiful farmhouse sinks.

6. What is your current household obsession?
This is a hard one for me. I think the kitchen probably applies to this as well just because it really is the heart of the home. I need my "control center" in order to help life run a little more smoothly. Yes… it is indeed the kitchen that I spend a lot of time thinking about and making plans for.

Thanks so much for sharing your home with us Mimi! I can't wait to see your kitchen progress.

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