Front door: The Eagles

by Andrea Cooley

Kelly and I worked together at Country Home before either of us owned houses and spent plenty of time dreaming about the day we would have front doors to call our own. To see more of her and Ryan’s home and their adorable baby girl Georgia, check out her blog: Here’s the story of her front door (in my opinion it’s the best looking new-construction house I’ve seen!)

After living downtown in two different cities – Des Moines and Atlanta – suburbia was not a place I envisioned myself settling down. Then we moved back to Iowa and started house hunting in the older neighborhoods of Des Moines.

The house we were going to buy needed to have our top 3: a basement we could spend a lot of time in (and my 6’ 3’ ’ husband could stand up in), a big kitchen and more than 1 bathroom. Sounds simple right? Not so much.

After months of searching, we decided to build. We wanted to build a house with timeless finishes yet modern; classic, with a Southern twist. Living in the South made a huge impact on both my husband and I, so it was no surprise when we chose a 2-story floor plan with double front porches. This style is welcoming, unique and completely Southern. Pulling up to the house every night makes me smile and I’ ve loved decorating our front door and porches, especially Christmas.

I feel lucky to have a house that I love coming home to that is not typical new construction. Now I’ m anxiously awaiting decorating my porches in the spring!

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Andrea Cooley

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