Front Door: Thor, Joylynn & Pascal

by laura.johnson
Thor and Joylynn moved to the area a little over a year and a half ago and we quickly dubbed them ‘one of the crew’. Their house has been the location for many a dinner party, nerf gun battle, yard sale, and I’m sure many other adventures to come. So please let me introduce our dear, dear, friends and their sweet suburban ranch.
Hospitality was the purpose in mind when we purchased our first home almost a year ago. Ok, more space to grow and raise our family was really the primary reason, but a crucial part of our family’s mission and core values was and still is hospitality, and we wanted a space that would make the closest relative, dearest friend, or strangest stranger (strange in the sense we don’t have a clue who this person is, not strange as in weird) feel at home and at peace when they set foot in the Razz Residence. We wanted our home to be a place where the love of God was lived out in practical ways for all who entered.
My favorite room in the house is quite honestly the (tiny) bathroom in our master bedroom. It used to be covered in garish bright floral (not even classy floral) wallpaper with seriously scary light green spongy-ish flooring (not tile and not linoleum, something indescribable).
Now after a little creative thinking and a lot of elbow grease (more on this topic tomorrow) it’s a room oozes calm. It is my sanctuary, because with a 1 year old on the move, sometimes the only time I get to myself during the day is in the bathroom. It’s a sun-filled, quiet space where I can’t hear my son fussing when I turn on the shower.
Something I’ve discovered as a new homeowner is that it really is an on-going process to put my home together. Now, nearly a year later, we’re still changing this and that out, moving things around here and there, and tweaking, tweaking, tweaking. But I’ve come to enjoy the journey and consider it an adventure in crafting and creativity that will likely go on for as long as we own our home. Next projects: planting shade-loving flowers/bushes, digging out two dead bushes, replacing the astro-turf in the three-season porch with something fresher, doing something about the mirror wall in the built-in wet bar off the kitchen (don’t worry folks, it’s behind closet doors), the list goes on and on…
I thank God nearly every day for this house that became our home after a lot of hard work. It’s full of light, soothing colors, eclectic artwork, gifts, and second-hand furniture with character and memories, lots of great thrift store/yard sale deals, books, musical instruments, and in case you are picturing one hot mess, my affinity for organizing and tidying helps keep it in check, at least by the end of the day (I didn’t get the nickname Mrs. Clean in 6th grade for nothing). And in the name of hospitality, anytime you’re in Saginaw, we’d love to have you over for a meal! ~ Joylynn Rasmussen

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  1. Lovely peak into your home!

    Do you want any pink Peonies for your yard btw?

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