Front Door: Tim and Sara

by Andrea Cooley

Good morning oh what a treat we have today.  One of our oldest and dearest friends is sharing her new abode with y’all today.  Andrea and I have both known Sara since our early our college years, had the privilege to live with this fine girl, and watched her life flourish as she waited on God to provide her with a man above all other.  And whew, boy did He ever!  My heart sings with joy for these two and the embark on each new adventure together.  But enough of my morning rambling, here’s Sara and Tim:


What makes this house/condo/apartment/tent/RV your home?
Tim and I wanted a home where people would be loved. Any space filled with loving people could fit the bill, but this house lends itself to it. It is warm and cozy with great craftsman woodwork, but spacious enough to have 20 people over for a meal and even bigger parties. We host a weekly bible study with 15-20 people, all of whom fit in our living room. It’s a great place where people know they are always welcome. A friend planted a garden in our backyard, and I love having people over who just want to lounge around.
What is your favorite architectural element of your home?
The first floor of the house hadn’t been altered at all from its original craftsman design. We had been through so many homes that had weird additions and cut up spaces, but we liked the fact that nearly 100 years of residents had kept the structural integrity of the space. The wood-beam ceiling in the living room and dining room make the house especially interesting. After nearly buying a so-so home eight months before, Tim decided that it would be really great to have a front porch and a fireplace. Check. Check. We actually have two front porches, one is screened, right off the dining room with a beautiful french door entrance, and the open-air porch has the wonderful porch swing. Basically, this house is way more than I could have ever dreamed of in a first home.

What is your favorite room/space?
It depends on the day: the screened porch for coffee and breakfast on sunny mornings, sitting in front of the fireplace on cool evenings, working from my office in the sunroom and getting to watch birds build nests. Most recently, Tim and I have enjoyed hanging out with our three fish that swim in our mini-pond/water feature thing outside my office window (we are in awe that they are still alive).

The space that really sold us on the house was when we walked up stairs and found a loft-like space with only partial walls enclosing the two bedrooms, and a large family room between them. It reminded me of the kids’ bedroom in Peter Pan, and I envisioned a really fun, creative space for kids to grow up. (Coincidentally, we found out we were expecting two days after we signed the purchase agreement.)

What led you to this front door?
I had lived in this neighborhood for four-and-a-half years. I had walked by the house and noticed some of its features: the screened and unscreened front porch, and the wood-beamed ceilings when the lights were on at night. When we started looking at houses, we drove around the neighborhoods we liked to find for-sale-by-owner homes, and this one was on the market. We called right away, and looked at it a few nights later. We walked in and were in shock of the space, the interesting spaces, and the fact that it was in our price range.

What projects are you dreaming about?
Immediately after moving in we hired a contractor to move the doorway from the kitchen to the dining room about a foot-and-a half. This minor change made a huge improvement: adding four feet of counterspace to a narrow galley kitchen. Now, just thinking about projects makes me tired, but my looming due date and the roll of fabric beckons me to make some gender-neutral, but really beautiful curtains for the nursery. If I was really ambitious, I would dream up a pergola on our patio with vining plants and fun garden lights for afternoon shade and evening garden parties.

What is your current household obsession?
I’m actually pretty overwhelmed by the upkeep of the whole thing. But since the weather has gotten nice, I might try to learn how to multiply the peonies and hostas.
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