Front Door: Adam & Andrea

by Andrea Cooley

One of the things I was most excited about when Adam and I moved into our house this year was having a front door. Every home has a door, but when you live in an apartment or condo you have many doors to your home. In our condo, if we came in the garage and went up the stairs, we went through 5 doors to get to our house!

I couldn’t wait to have a doorbell for people to ring (trick-or-treaters came this weekend!), a screen door to leave open on warm, sunny days, and an easier way for people to get inside! Now friends can knock or walk right in without calling and waiting for us to come let them in.

Our house is a 1939 brick, story and a half in the Beaverdale neighborhood of Des Moines. We fell in love with every part of the house from the wood floors through out, original wood trim on the windows, and master suite in the attic. But as far as the exterior goes, we especially love the wood door. It’s worn and full of character from years of use. We’ve thought of refinishing it, but haven’t gotten very far in figuring out how one would do that. It squeaks and sticks as the seasons change, warping with the heat and humidity and shrinking when the temperatures dip below zero, but again, that’s why we love it.

Right now the little leaded glass window is partially concealed with the wreath, but I love having this little view of the world. It’s definitely a step up from a peephole!

We have a back door too that we probably use more than the front door, but I’ll save that for another post.

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Andrea Cooley

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