Garden Dreams

by laura.johnson


Can you tell what I've been dreaming about?  Fresh summer vegetables, herbs cut straight from my garden, and bright pink blooms galore! This year we signed up for a garden plot at our apartment. It started to as a way to get outside with Lydia and enjoy the summer and our neighbors. Over the past few weeks though, I've become much more excited about all of the garden bounty than I ever thought I would. Maybe it's all the pretty pictures on the seed packets that have me drooling.

My sister is a true gardening guru. With 8 years of experience behind her, she knows how to make the most of a small plot of soil! A few weeks ago I asked if she would be my garden tutor, thinking maybe she could help me pick out plants and tell me how far apart to plant my rows. Oh no, her eyes lit up and she immediately started sketching garden plot ideas, to scale, with two little girls crawling on her lap! Talk about impressive! Everyone needs an awesome sister like this, and if that isn't available you should seriously look into getting yourself a garden tutor.

Garden Plan

With the temps in the 80's earlier this week, we seized the moment and after our kiddos were settled for the night she snuck over to our place with a garden rake, extra seeds, and a few perennials in tow and we spent a furious 2 hours fertilizing the soil, laying out our pathways, and getting a few hardy seeds in the ground.


This is how our plot looked as we got started. We added 6 bags of natural fertilizer (cow manure) and plenty of bricks recycled from Andrea's backyard to create walking pathways.


We even got a good share of the seeds in the ground and added a few perennials to give the space a little green while we are waiting on our seedlings. Not bad for an impromptu gardening session!

DSC05021 So there she lays, our first real garden. We still have a few plant to add but here is the breakdown thus far: Garden Graphic

Now the forecast for the next week was supposed to be rain, rain and more rain, great for gardens right? Instead we got this


Snow, snow, and more snow.  Not exactly what you plan on MAY 2ND but Iowa weather always keeps you on your toes. So two days post planting, our garden looks like this.


I called my sister this morning in a panic, but she assured me that our little seedlings are warm and growing under the soil and the perennials can weather the storm just fine. If not she has the hookup for more. See everyone needs an awesome garden tutor/sister! The forecast is sunshine and 70's over the next few days, so I'm telling myself this latest bit of odd weather is a genious 'time released watering system' and ignoring the view out my window.  I'm excited to see how a few weeks of sunshine and rain will change our outlook dramatically.

Anyone else planning their first garden or enlist in a household project tutor? Or am I the only one that needs a little hand holding when taking on large scary projects like a tiny garden plot?

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  1. Ginger Johnson May 5, 2013 at 12:07 am

    Grow garden! Grow!

  2. What?! Snow?! That's crazy! How are the little plants doing?

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