Garden Update

by Andrea Cooley

It's been almost 2 months since I showed you the garden.

Wow! What a difference a few months can make! And notice how great the edging Adam did looks!

We've had some casualties, but all in all, despite the heatwave/drought, we can't complain! We have more than enough tomatoes and squash to go around. I think my peppers are making a come back. Hopefully it cools off and they start producing–I love fresh green bell peppers! We got a few cucumbers, but they don't seem to handle the heat very well and are pretty fried at this point. We're down to only 1 zucchini and 1 squash plant, but that's really all you need with only two people to feed!

The squirrels decided that our corn was a good dinner. I never even got pictures of the stalks! They were taller than we were and it looked like we were going to have some good ears. Guess we'll have to try again next year. Obviously the tomatoes don't mind the heat. We've had to restake them several times! The baby doesn't mind the heat either. He's growing and kicking! Less than 100 days 'til he's here!
Up front our window boxes are looking pretty good. They're mostly shaded, so as long as I water them every couple days they do OK in the heat. The geranium isn't blooming at the moment, but there are more buds and I love all the different colors of the coleus! (Don't mind the unfinished screens on the windows. We're still trying to decide if it's worth investing in new windows, any thoughts?)Anyone want to trade tomatoes for beans? That's one thing we haven't had success with and I love fresh green beans!

What's growing in your garden these days?

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