Getting the Look: Sunroom Breakdown

by laura.johnson

Here’s my design inspiration for Joylynn and Thor’s three-season room:

1. Long white curtains
Soften the dramatic metal lines and give the room a light breezy feel while adding a touch of privacy from nosy neighbors. Because the entire structure of the three-season porch is either metal or glass, we had to get creative with the hardware. Luckily, I remembered the mega magnets Andrea found a couple weeks ago. Using those and a little wire we can string up the curtains across the front of the patio, giving it a breezy look that is easy to take down at the change of the seasons.  {Ikea}

2. Reed Hurricanes
These dramatic lights definitely set the tone of the room. Drop a small LED candle in them or run power to a traditional bulb from the existing exterior light fixture, a voila instant mood lighting. {Crate and Barrel}

3. Summer wreath more of our favorites to come…

4.Yellow paint
Bright and cheerful, how could you go wrong? Plus it was what we used in the kitchen, making it nice easy way to blend the two spaces.  Plus it’s free!

5. Garden stool
These have been my obsession for months now! So I might have included them to live vicariously through my friend’s home.  But you must admit, it would be perfect for a glass of wine yet sturdy enough that a toddling babe won’t knock it over. {CSN Stores}

6. Outdoor rug
Tan is the obvious safe choice. It’s easy to find, and will always look nice. However, the rugs to the left are my favorites from West Elm. But they are pricey, so maybe we can find a great DIY fix to give the subtle tan rug a bit more of a wow factor. {West Elm & Lowes}

7.Chesapeake loveseat
Perfect for snuggling up with a book or with a husband.  Yes I know also quite pricey, but with my recent garage sale luck, I’m feel confident we can score something similar for a fraction of the cost. {Pottery Barn}

8. Sand Stone Grey Floor
Because heavy rains often give us a change of plans we needed a floor that was versatile for all sorts of conditions. A concrete sealer followed by a warm sand stone grey floor paint will do just the trick.  It offers a calming foundation for us to layer on top of, not to mention a killer combination with the yellow backdrop.

9. Planters
What sunroom would be complete without a little container herb garden? Close enough to the table to snip fresh basil and top off almost any evening meal. hummm now I’m hungry.


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