Gifts for Guys

by Andrea Cooley

gifts for guys

Are you done with your Christmas shopping yet? I wish I was! There are no presents under our tree yet. I've started my list, but now I need to start shopping! With Adam's birthday only a month before Christmas, sometimes it's hard for me to get ideas for him. I hope this list helps you shop for your honey!

1 // Port wine

I joked when it was Adam's birthday that most of the gifts I gave him revolved around food. I don't know about the men on your list, but if they like wine, I highly recommend port. I got Adam a bottle of Tawny 10 port last year, and he still raves about it (he is on his second bottle!).

2 // Wood bow tie

What's hipper than a guy wearing a bow tie? A guy wearing a wooden bow tie! If you follow Kara Paslay's blog you've probably seen the bow ties that her husband Tim creates. They're pretty awesome!

3 // Graphic t-shirt

Adam loves the graphic t's from Target. They are super soft and there are so many to choose from! From classic cars to super heroes, you're sure to find one that's perfect for your sweetie.

4 // Slippers

Maybe if you live somewhere warm you don't need slippers, but at our house if you're not wearing shoes, you're wearing slippers this time of year! Don't these look cozy? (Full disclosure: sometimes I like wearing Adam's slippers more than mine!)

5 // USB cord

What is it about boys and their cords? Adam has at least one drawer full of cords, but I'm sure he wouldn't be opposed to adding this one to his collection!

6 // Wooden beer tote

Not only can you show up at a party with home brew, now you can carry it in style. And the carrier even has a bottle opener.

7 // Flash drive/bottle opener

If your honey is at all geeky, you have to check out Think Geek. You'll find tons of quirky gifts like this flash drive/bottle opener.

8 // Swiss Army Knife

Every guy needs a pocket knife, right?

Anything strike your fancy here Adam? I'm still looking for your gift :)

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