Giving Thanks in December

by Andrea Cooley



I really liked sharing a list of things I was thankful for in November, so I thought I'd continue it in December. I don't know if I will commit to doing it every month, but it's such a good habit to get into!

1. Chocolate peppermint everything! Ice cream, cookies, bread, coffee creamer, I'm kind of obsessed! 2. Having a living room full of women from church and praying together with a fire in the fireplace
3. Cookie exchanges
4. Going home for Christmas
5. Getting Christmas cards in the mail
6. Finding out friends are pregnant
7. Singing Christmas carols around a piano at church
8. Free shipping!
9. Frasier Fir candle Seriously, this smells so good! Even though we have a real tree, this makes it smell even better!
10. Adam cleaning the bathroom for me!
11. Slobbery kisses from Emerson (it's his latest trick)
12. Getting back to the gym
13. Family dinner with friends
14. Playing cribbage with Adam
15. Phone dates
16. Celebrating the Christ child and looking forward to his return!
17. Sunny days, even when it's cold outside
18. Indoor play areas. Winter has just begun and Emerson and I are both missing our daily stroller walks and going to the park. Thank goodness for indoor play spaces! Right now I think Valley West Mall is our favorite destination.
19. A huge pot of chicken chili
20. A free babysitter for New Year's–thanks Karen!
21. Warm slippers
22. New books to read!
23. Daily advent readings with Adam
24. Free firewood for the fireplace
25. She Reads Truth advent playlist on Spotify
26. Adam snow blowing the driveway
27. Adam traveling less
28. Iowa State men's basketball
29. Wrapping Christmas gifts with Adam
30. Pine tree branches flocked with fresh snow
31. Kid's birthday parties

Does anyone else record things they're thankful for every day/month?

If you have it on your blog, share a link in the comments. I'd love to see it!

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Andrea Cooley

  1. I think these posts are a great wrap-up to every month – here's mine for Dec:

    Love #11!

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