Cabinet door cover up

Glass Cabinet Cure All

by laura.johnson

In an ideal world my dishes would all sit in a nice neat row, beautifully on display and always within arms reach for an impromptu dinner party.  But I’ve come to realize I’m more of a stacking precariously sort of gal, and my dishes, well I’m just happy if they are washed and put away! After months of that philosophy this is what our kitchen cabinets looked like.

Yep in need of an intervention! Last spring I thought I had come up with a gem of an idea, a collage of brightly colored doilies that hid our hap-hazard dishes yet offered a kaleidoscope of color as if to say, ‘nothing to see here folks’.  But even with ample double sided, tape the summer breeze pealed and warped our chic doily design, and by fall it was time to come up with a new solution.

I had seen a few places that boasted the magical powers of starched fabric on walls.  Starching is a great temporary solution for us apartment renters.  Especially when applied in a smaller amount (ie not the entire wall) removal is as simple as peal and wash, leaving the wall, the paint and your security deposit all in mint condition.

Most examples I saw used starched fabric as wall decals and other decorative purposes, so why not give this medium a little bit of functional flair as well?  I measured our cabinets and picked out a pretty, light-weight cotton quilting fabric from JoAnn’s.  Anyone else get lost in the see of possibilities in that place? With every corner I turn, I get another wonderful idea, it’s like Pinterest, but in person AND you get to use coupons- AWESOME!  But back to the project at hand.

I used a glue/starch recipe from How About Orange, she did a small decal project a few years ago and had wonderful results.  The only change I made was reduces the batch size WAY down, even for this small project a couple cups of starch mixture will be more than enough, here is the recipe I used for our cabinets:


  • 2 Tbs Corn Starch
  • 4 Tbs Cool Water
  • 2 Cups Boiling Water

Dissolve the corn starch into the cool water, and mix into boiling water.  Set aside to cool before use.

While the starch mixture was cooling I went ahead and adjusted the fabric on the back of the glass door and placed a a few small push pins I simply brushed on the starch mixture on to the edges of the fabric with a little cheapo foam brush.

Wait for the sun to come up (plus the starch to dry) and voila , neat colorful cabinets, bright as the new day’s morning!

Starched fabric cabinet doorPlus you’d never know my cabinets really look like this;

Starched fabric cabinet door cover up

One last shot for beauty purposes:

Starched fabric cabinet door cover upCan I get a collective ‘Ahhh’?

What can I say, it’s not always form over function. What do you think, have the urge to starch something, or feel the need to organize your cabinets after seeing our ‘well lived in’ mess?  We all find ways to make it work, what are your solutions?

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