Going Gray

by laura.johnson

Image from Dana Miller

Ok show of virtual hands who spent a portion of their day dreaming about gray?  Don’t be shy, you know I did!

While choosing the right paint color gives you a good foundation for a room it’s just that a foundation.  Gray like whites, tans, and browns are a wonderful neutral to work with but they require a strong visual element to save them from a sea of well, boring.   The images we shared yesterday are a great place to start talking about how to build the rest of the room once you’ve found your perfect pewter.

When making a lot of big decisions it’s easy to opt for the safe route, but tan walls + tan sofa + tan carpet = boring.  Your eye gets lost in a sea of sameness.  While these first few examples have a conservative color pallet they have layered different tones on top of each other. More importantly though, they have given your eye a focal point while staying in neautral pallet.



House Tweaking

A subtle painting, a mirror, or even a burst of fresh flowers gives your eye something to breath in while maintaining a cool calm oasis.

Now these next examples are what I think Carrie really had in mind.  Using dynamic color in measured amounts allowing the grays and whites do what they do best, give a little contrast all while grounding the look.  A punch of green and slice of yellow gives the room an certain flair that can only comes with pairing a neutral with a dash of color.

Design Sponge


That’s the real benefit to a good gray, it will make your whites seem whiter and your colors seem brighter.  All it all give you a little bit more dramatic look, all while staying as neutral as Switzerland.

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