Good Clean Fun

by laura.johnson


Yep that’s a picture of our shower, I promise to at least have a charming story to rationalize the overshare.

Cody came home from the dollar store the other day proud of his purchases, $1 cookies for his students, $1 toothpaste, and $1 non-nice shampoo, you know so he doesn’t have to waste my fancy shampoo on his 3-inch long hair. I was so amazed with his thoughtfulness I almost didn’t have the heart to tell him that while my shampoo smells fancy, it’s really only a $1.84. Gotta love Suave, and gotta love a thoughtful husband.



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  1. I thought I was doing Thor a great favor when I bought him some $1 men’s 3-in-1 (body wash, shampoo, conditioner) as a stocking stuffer this past Christmas. But evidently he’d rather use my more feminine smelling shampoo (that was also probably $1) – and so it sits in the shower, not getting used. Sigh… It’s VERY manly smelling so I can’t use it.

  2. I’ve found Suave shampoo at Walgreen’s for $1. Check it out! :)

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