Good Question: Feeling Grey

by laura.johnson

When people find out you work in a design-related field their eyes often light up and within minutes the conversation veers to their current dilemma they are having, finding more space in the closet, organizing under the sink, and of course the ever toughie, choosing a color scheme.

Some designers hate these freebie questions, but I love them. It allows me to briefly step into their life and help guide them to the perfect pillows or in this case the most lovely shade of grey. Carrie and I go WAY back, so when she sent me a message asking  ‘Can I do light grey walls with light beige carpet and white trim?’ I couldn’t wait to jump in and lend my 2 cents.  Here’s Carrie’s message:

I would love to use grey walls with pops of yellow color with the white trim that’s already in the room. We have the room painted “Hawaiian Honey” yellow right now, and in the morning it gets all the sun and looks waaaayyy too yellow/bright for my taste. Gerard’s concern would be the really light beige carpet.  Thought I’d ask.- Carrie

First and foremost to answer your question PISH YEAH!  Here are some photos to get you dreaming….

Design Sponge



Never fear the grey beige fun doesn’t have to be bottled up in the bedroom.  Like in this stunning living room featured in Veranda based on the movie Girl with the Pearl Earing.

Whew, dreamy but livable, maybe not.  However, Dana Miller over at House Tweaking knows how to throw a little bit of real life into the mix, check out her living room.

Ready to jump in and start painting yet?  I know I am, mid post I busted out my swatches (yep I’m that girl) and dreaming of the perfect grey for my own wall.  That’s the danger of this oh so fun game, you might just get the revamp bug yourself.

As for the exact shade, here are some of my own and a few industry favorites:

  • Fog by Pittsburgh Paints
  • Partridge Gray by Glidden & Better Homes and Gardens
  • Pavilion Grey from Farrow & Ball
  • Silver Dollar from Benjamin Moore & West Elm
  • Sharkey Grey by Martha Stewart
  • Stone Harbor from Benjamin Moore


How about you, do you have a design question you’ve contemplating.  Do you get asked to weigh in on you ‘expert’ matters.



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