Good reads and finds from around the web

by Andrea Cooley

It’s been awhile since I shared some of my favorite finds and reads around the web. Sometimes I think I probably spend way too much time reading blogs and trolling instagram, but it’s part of my life! Here’s what grabbed my attention the last couple weeks:

Psalm 23 He refreshes my soulI can’t get enough of these hand-lettered prints from Choose Brave. I’d order one of each if I could!

Here’s a great post about the biggest threat to marriage from We Are That Family.

Who will be tuning into the new HGTV show My Big Family Renovation next month about Jen Hatmaker and her family’s renovation of a 105 year old house?

I just started reading this for book club. It’s one of those classics that has sat on my bookshelf for years, so I’m happy to finally have an excuse to read it!

As I get ready to enter the world of breastfeeding for the second time, I had to laugh at this article from Huffington Post about how to breastfeed “appropriately”. I’m pretty sure anyone who has struggled to wrangle a hooter hider and a squirmy baby can relate!

Does anyone else read Donald Miller’s Storyline blog? I highly recommend it. This week I’ve been thinking about this post about celebrating and finding joy in the journey, not just the milestone or accomplishment and this tip about good writing.

Has anyone checked out Layla of The Lettered Cottage’s #WhatLoveLooksLike or shared their own image? I love it! It makes me want to slow down and enjoy moments with the ones I love!

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Andrea Cooley

  1. It’s interesting that you bring up the new Jen Hatmaker show on HGTV. I was chatting last night with some of the women from my small group and they mentioned it in correlation to a Bible study that’s going on at our church. Alas, since we don’t have cable I won’t get to see it but I’m interested in what others will think!

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