Good Reads from Around the Web

by Andrea Cooley

The Nesting Place

The Nesting Place book came out this week! I couldn't wait to get my hands on it. I think it will have a permanent spot on my coffee table.

Has anyone seen the documentary about blogging in America? It sounds interesting.

If you love to read, you definitely need to check out the blog Modern Mrs. Darcy. I always love to see what she's reading and her summer reading guide (this year's comes out in a few weeks) and my reading list always grows after seeing it.

11 ways to encourage a mom today, whether you have kids or not.

For everyone who grew up reading and re-reading the Laura Ingles Wilder books, here's background information on the plot of By the Shores of Silver Lake. And even if you didn't read the books, it's an interesting perspective on why every writer needs a good editor and the distinction between truth and fact.

What are your favorite reads from this week?

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