Grand Romantic Guestures

by laura.johnson

We often think grand romantic gestures are done in the early days of a romance, but the further along in marriage we get, the more I see the little and sometimes large ways we love each other.

This last week was Cody’s 30th birthday, and not a man to turn down an excuse for attention, he agreed to let me throw him a grand birthday bash. His only request was that it be Super Hero themed, complete with costumes. Not exactly the party I had in mind, so it is safe to say that by this point it was clear that this would become one of those grand romantic gestures that I would do for my husband.

We sent out the Evites a couple weeks ago and planned a few games.  For the guest in need of a little Super Hero inspiration, we sewed capes and purchased masks and swords for them to enjoy.  Then we set to work on our own costumes.  Naturally, being a redhead, I had to be the infamous X-men gal Jean Grey, sometimes referred to as Phoenix (pish as if you couldn’t tell from the photos), which in turn made Cody Cyclops.

So at 6 o’clock on Saturday night Super Heros from throughout the area descended on our courtyard.  There was Super Cow, Bruce Wayne, Poison Ivy and Rouge, Catwoman, Mini Mi and Super Baby (compete with the diaper on the OUTSIDE of his pants).  We were floored at the creativity of our friends and they continued to astound us with great costumes.

The party was a hit! The boys, enjoyed sharing Super Hero memories and defending their honor with a can of silly string, and well the girls enjoyed laughing at the boys!

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