Family photo gallery wall

Hanging Family Photos

by Andrea Cooley

family photo gallery wallDo you hang family photos in your living room? It’s a personal preference, but I decided I wanted to keep our family pictures out of the living room and instead display them in our bedroom. Yes, this means that I don’t get to show off the adorable pictures we have of our baby as much, but it makes our personal space feel, well, more personal!

Here was my inspiration for the big, blank wall that leads up to our attic master bedroom:

gallerywalls{images: 1, 2, 3, 4}

When we hung the gallery wall in the living room, we traced each frame and taped them to the wall individually. I decided this time it would be easier to trace all the frames on one big piece of paper (I used Trader Joe’s shopping bags). Both ways work. I don’t think one is necessarily easier than the other.IMG_2766It’s an awkward place to reach. If you’re on the stairs you need a ladder and leaning over the banister is tricky too. I knew I needed Adam’s help to hammer the nails for the gallery wall. But he wasn’t convinced it was a good idea to hang pictures there. The brown paper hung on the wall for a good two weeks before we finally got around to hanging the photos. Last week was my birthday, and I told Adam that getting the pictures hung could be part of my present. Nothing like a little guilt-trip to get a project done!

How do you “encourage” your hubby to help you with projects around the house? I love Kate’s post about how she gets Jeremy to tackle projects. I can definitely relate to most of her pointers (No, I’m not above bribing my husband with his favorite snacks to jumpstart a project!).

staircase gallery wallI hope to update the photos as Emerson gets older. I love the newborn pics, but we’re having 6 month photos taken in May and I’m sure there will be lots more I want to hang!

framesRight now the layout is symetrical, but as we add more frames I want it to become more random. Maybe we’ll hang things below the chair rail. I’d also love to add little momentos like our initials, handprints, or kid’s artwork. Those are the things that make it really personal!

Sometimes I have a hard time pulling the trigger and actually hanging personal photos. I have to remind myself that once a frame is hung that doesn’t mean it’s permanent!

And you know what’s even better than seeing the pictures every time I walk up or down the stairs? Having Adam say how good they look! I knew he’d love it once it was done!

It’s been less than 5 days since we hung the pictures and I already have 2 more to add! Once you start, it’s hard to stop!

*Most of the frames are from IKEA. Last time we went I stocked up! I think I’m going to need some more though. Their frames are my favorite, and the price is right!

All photos except for the bottom one were taken by Carrie Krupke Photography.

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