Hanging pictures

by Andrea Cooley

Does anyone else start off with grand plans of a perfect wall of hung photos and end up throwing in the towel after one picture is up?

I have been waiting to hang these prints from West Elm (they’re on sale now if you’re interested!) since we moved into our house in February. First one of them was back ordered ’til August, and then I didn’t want to hang them until after we painted – no sense in getting them hung perfectly only to have to do it all over again! So the walls were painted and it was finally time to hang them.

My first step was arranging them on the floor to get them just right.

Then I got out the tape measure and started measuring. This is where things get complicated.

I measured the width of the wall and the height and figured out where the center was. I’ve read how you should get a big piece of craft paper and lay your frames on it and trace around them, then use that layout to hang them, but that seemed complicated too – and I didn’t have any craft paper.

When, I had everything measured, we checked the back of the frames and of course they have 2 hooks. So rather than being able to find the center of the frame and call it good, I had to measure again! About this time one of those laser picture hanging tools is sounding pretty good.

Eventually we got the first picture hung. Adam is so patient with me, one of the many reasons I married him. But I could tell his patience was wearing thin. So rather than go back to my careful measures, we started eyeballing the pictures, measuring a little to make sure the edges were the same distance apart.

The perfectionist in me knows that they aren’t perfect. When I mentioned this to Adam, his response was classic. He said it lets people know we’re human. I can live with that!

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