Hanging Plates

Hanging plates in the kitchen

by Andrea Cooley

hanging plates, kitchen art

I have wanted to do something with the wall over the opening between our kitchen and eating area for a long time. I tried to find artwork to hang, but the space isn’t very tall, so I had a hard time finding things that fit. I’ve seen people hang plates on their walls in magazines and blogs, but I wasn’t sure I trusted plate hangers.

hanging plates, kitchen art

When I told Adam I was going to hang plates on the wall in the kitchen, he was skeptical. He said hanging plates on the wall was for grandma’s. Then I had to prove him wrong!

hanging plates, kitchen art

Laura helped me picked out plates at West Elm, and I found plate hangers at our neighborhood Ace Hardware. They are super easy! At first I was worried I wouldn’t like seeing the metal hooks that hold the plates, but you don’t really notice them.

After I hung the plates I had Adam come in to look. When he saw them, he said “Wow! Those look a lot better than I thought they would.”

As long as we’re on the topic of hanging things in the kitchen, here are my other favorite things on the walls:

I originally bought this Claudia Pearson print to hang where the plates are. I love her illustrations and how the colors work so perfectly in our kitchen!

This is a card I framed.

I couldn’t resist this corn painting! I had it before I put the paper on the cabinets, but doesn’t it look great next to it? The print is by JuneCraft. I found it at Domestica in Des Moines, but the artist is from Cedar Rapids, small world!

And I can’t leave out the coffee sign Laura gave me back when we were roommates! Of course it’s by the coffeemaker.

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Andrea Cooley

  1. You can get disc hangers at Hobby Lobby that you can’t see at all and they don’t ruin your plates. They are awesome. It is a rubber disc with adhesive on the back (that doesn’t ruin the plates) and then you just adhere it to the back of your plate. If you want it to go back to just being a plate, you soak it and the disc comes off.

  2. Diane Roberts May 23, 2015 at 10:34 pm

    I am looking for someplace or someone who could design a pattern for my wall to hang plates. I have about 20 small Bing and Grondahl Mothers Day Plates and no tools to hang them properly.

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