Happy Valentine’s Day

by laura.johnson

image via SAH-RAH

Andrea and I started this blog as a way to recount our adventures in learning how to create a home and a marriage. So it goes without saying that we couldn’t let this Valentine’s Day slip by quietly here at EAB. Lately we’ve been pondering our wedding vows, more specifically those little subheadings that fall under ‘for better or for worse’.

My mom likes to tell the story that over 30 years ago when she pledged her love to a tall, dark, and handsome hardware store owner she was also pledging to cut and thread pipe ’till death us do part’.

Andrea mentioned that after 5 years of marriage Adam has come to accept her love of magazines, and I’ve come to accept that my love for Cody means we’ll always own a futon.

So I’m curious what surprises have you found came with your vows?

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  1. Love means keeping the yellow floor lamp that looks like a character from Alice in Wonderland. Love paints a room Hawaiian Honey yellow to match said lamp. :)

  2. Our wedding vows of loving each other through good times and difficult ones has included me coming to fully appreciate Thor’s man cave and realizing it’s a great place for him to work his creative photo/music magic, have a little alone time, AND not have to pick up after himself.

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