Recover chair cushions

Have a Seat

by Andrea Cooley

Recover chair cushionsI have been holding out on you dear readers! I recovered our dining room chairs weeks ago and just never got around to sharing the results! Unfortunately, when I started uploading my photos, I realized I failed to take a before picture, oops! So, you will just have to imagine the chairs with non-descript tan microfiber seat cushions. I knew I could do better than that!

Armed with a power drill and a yard and a half of this lovely fabric from Joann’s, I was ready to go! Does anyone else have a hard time choosing fabric? I must have spent half an hour wandering around the store, touching every fabric in sight, oohing and aahhing over my favorites, and picking up at least 10 different bolts to carry around before landing on this one. I love the suzani pattern and the blue and gray add a bit of color against our dark dining set.

The first step was unscrewing the seat. I flipped the chair upside down and could easily see where the seat was attached on all four sides. (check out the red arrows above, I’m no photo-editing pro, so I’m pretty proud of these!) Laura taught me this trick (the seat trick, but now that I think about it, she taught me how to make arrows too, where would I be without her!?). I don’t know how I thought the seats were attached to the chair, but this obvious answer wouldn’t have been my first guess.

64 screws later, I had 4 bare chairs!

Once the cushions were off, I laid out the fabric (that I washed and ironed), centered the cushion over the design and cut, making sure I had enough fabric to fold over the sides and staple. I wasn’t scientific in my cutting, no measuring for this girl! I must have missed the day of home ec where you learn to measure twice and cut once.

Recover chair cushionsThen it was time to start stapling! This was serious business, do you see how focused I am?

Recover chair cushionsOnce the fabric was on the cushions, it was time to re-attach the seats and admire my handiwork. What do you think?

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Andrea Cooley

  1. I like the two handed grip on the staple gun. Serious work.

  2. They look great! I can’t wait to see ’em in person. Oh, and I say “well done” for only 30 minutes in the fabric store searching. That would be a VERY short visit for me :)

  3. LOVE them! Way to go!

  4. Leslie Fitzgerald September 22, 2011 at 8:28 pm

    I’m very impressed Andrea! I love the pattern.

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