by Andrea Cooley

This, my friends is a hedge apple. Rumor has it they keep spiders away, but I just think they’re pretty! I pinned a hedge apple arrangement on Pinterest a few months back and have been waiting to see these lime green balls-o-decorating-fun at the grocery store ever since.

Once I had my lovely little hedge apples (they’re only 69 cents each at our grocery store!), I needed something to display them in. Wouldn’t you know, I happened to be in Hobby Lobby, and glassware was 50% off–gotta love their sales! So I felt absolutely justified in snatching up a big glass container.

I absolutely love their texture! I think they look like brains, but someone said if you look closely at the individual wrinkles they look like roses.

Full disclosure: our coffee table is never cleared off like this. Usually it’s covered with magazines, yarn, books, coasters, remote controls, and pens. However, this pretty little centerpiece is inspiring me to keep it clear. We’ll see how long that lasts!

The best part is, after I’m tired of the hedge apples (and they start to turn brown) I can fill it with so many other fun things!  Christmas ornaments, pine cones, buckeyes, acorns, the list is endless! You’ll definitely be seeing this container again.

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Andrea Cooley

  1. Oh yes, hedge apples are so cool! I discovered them in a shady nook on a road trip years ago, and could not rest until I found out what they were. Unfortunately, I’ve never seen them in any local grocery stores.
    Love your display!

  2. Hello, 
    I've never heard of these being called hedge apples before.  Here in Texas we call them Horse Apples; they come from Bois D' Arc (pronounced Bo dark) trees.  And to hear that they are sold in stores just amazes me!    I had no idea there was a 'market' for them.  
    They do look pretty in your vase.  never thought of using them to decorate with them.  Thanks for the idea!!

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