Help me choose a lamp shade

by Andrea Cooley

lamp shadesI scored these 2 lamp bases on clearance at Target awhile back for $15 each. I didn't realize finding shades would be so hard (and also end up costing more than the lamps). You live and you learn!

living room redo

Now that we have our new sofa (I still need to take pictures and write up how we chose the one we did) I'm on a mission to redo our living room. You can see some of my ideas on my Living Room Redo board on Pinterest. I'm leaning toward more rustic wood finishes instead of the espresso that we have now. I also want to find square end tables and maybe even in two different styles. Adam isn't on board with the whole "mix and match" look, but I think I can convince him! Does anyone else have mismatched end tables?

Anyway, here are the two shade options. The burlap shade on the left is from World Market (and it's on sale for $15.99). The cream shade on the right is actually from the lamps that we used to have in the living room. If I decide that's the shade I like, then those lamps don't have shades. Not a huge deal, but if I try to sell them on Craigslist I wouldn't get as much for them. 

Laura already weighed in on the lamp shade debate and said she likes the shade on the right. It sits better on the lamp (it has a harp so it sits a little higher on the base). And she likes how it adds a polished touch to the more rustic lamp base.

I'm completely torn between the two. The burlap shade sits a little lower on the base because it didn't have a harp (and when it's on the light bulb is toward the top of the shade instead of the middle). I do like the texture of the burlap.

Help me decide! Which shade do you like? Option 1 or Option 2?

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Andrea Cooley

  1. Can't wait to see the new sofa! I agree with Laura – I like the cream shade best. Better fit & a more pleasing contrast with the rustic base.

  2. Bucking the trend – I love Option 1. Probably because I own the EXACT same lamp shade :)

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