He’s got the whole world in His Hands

by laura.johnson

26 weeks 6 days

Not a milestone most check off in pregnancy but for this expectant lady that marker will forever be burned in my mind.  It was the day Lydia was born, rushed into this world in the most dramatic fashion possible and stabilized in the Neonatal Intensive Care unit where she would stay for the longest 14 weeks of my life. 

And while this pregnancy has its very similar challenges today I am sitting on the deck of our new house enjoying the sunshine and counting the many many blessings we've seen over the last few years.  Starting with this gal.


and ending with this guy.  


I've never been so happy to have so few clothes fit!  And I hear I'll only get bigger from here…wow my mind is blown.

But now past the pregnancy sappiness and on to pretty things.  I've been throwing out nursery ideas to Cody every few weeks.  Girls are easy. I KNOW how to decorate for a little girls but what do you do for boys? So over dinner I'd ask Cody, what do you think about rocket ships?  While walking with Lydia I'd ask, so planes WWII planes do you like those? Adventure is that a theme? We aren't a huge sports fans so I could skip that whole genre.  

But as I was contemplating having a little boy, I was struck again and again by that old familiar verse, 'For God so loved the world He gave His only Son'. bam.  Wow what love, the very thought make me clench my little baby belly.  

Which of course prompted the most obsessive search for the prettiest, manliest world map to ever exist! Ok that might be stretching it a little far but here are my favorites I've found over the last few weeks. (yes weeks, see I told you it was obsessive)

School House Maps: Why hello gorgeous… Every once in awhile you hear about someone pulling these from the trash of a school but really the odds are 1 and a gajillian so Ebay and the likes are great sources for finding these old beauties.


Found Here

Antique Explorer Maps: Doesn't this framed master piece make you want to sail around the world like Christopher Colombus?


Found Here

Chalkboard: Yes, we are in a Chalkboard everything era, so of course you can find world maps done on chalkboard paper.


Found Here

DIY: This simple little map showed up in my Feedly one day, ahhh isn't is so simply wonderful?  But let's be honest. I have a 2 year old. And there is NO WAY I am getting these babies printed cut and pasted before someone decided to help.  Plus I'm pretty sure I'd be second guessing my spacing in those middle of the night feedings… how far away is Australia really?


Found Here

Watercolor: Ohhhh I think we have a winner! I've been staring at this guy for days now, the soft water colors are gentle enough to make my heart skip a beat but still uber manly.  And with a price tag of 15 buckaroos for the digital file I think this guy needs to come home with me asap! 


Found Here 

Those are some of my favorites after my obsessive online searching.  How about you guys?  Anyone  else celebrate odd pregnancy milestones? Or have great suggestions on how to decorate for a little boy? And please tell me I'm not alone in my slightly obsessive nature to attack the internet in search of The… Perfect… rug, lamp, cell phone case, you name it.  

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  1. Does it need to be a world map?  There were some pretty spectacular photos taken from the moon during the Apollo missions that you can buy as prints.  No man-made boundaries or borders, just God's creation in all its splendor.  8^)

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