He’s Here, right on time!

by laura.johnson

Yes our long awaited Man of the Year has made his appearance, not a day early and not a day late!  You gotta love a boy who respects due dates and deadlines.

Emerson David Cooley

October 29th at 7:58 pm

7 lbs 13 oz

Can a baby be ruggedly handsome? Because I belive Emerson has stolen my heart, those eyes are so captivating!  We can't wait to come sweep him up in our arms, but that will have to wait a few weeks until we are back for the Thanks Giving holiday. Until then Lydia and I will stare at pictures of our new friend and talk about the fun blanket forts they can build one day.

My heart is beaming with joy for this new family today, their long awaited boy is now safe in their arms. What and answer to so many of our prayers.

Andrea and Adam are doing very well getting adjusted into their new life.  Once they get settled at home I'm sure Andrea will be bursting to share more about life with another boy in the house.

Congradulations to the Cooley family, we couldn't be more thrilled with this newest addition!

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  1. What a great healthy baby!

  2. Congratulations! Emerson is so beautiful and alert, like a C-section baby. Welcome Andrea, to the soroity of motherhood. You don't even have to go through rush.

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