His Version

by laura.johnson

Honestly we try, as girly as we can be, we really try to consider you gents when designing a room layout, choosing throw pillows, heck we’ll even go as far as to make something for you if it doesn’t exist.  But I have to admit sometimes we miss the mark.

This past weekend Joylynn allowed me to invite myself over to play in paint her new sunroom.  Alas a far too humid of a day had other plans for us, but while we worked,we found our dear boys peering over our shoulders dreaming up what they would do with the space.  Her is what they came up with:

The highlights:

  • Awesome workbench, of course
  • Blackboard walls so that you could draw out the plans for your current project
  • One way mirror or tinted glass that adjusts to the amount of sunlight for all of the windows
  • Laser level, because come on boys always what some sort of laser
  • Storage for Thor’s Hammer and other Power tools of various kinds


So far the plan is to stick to the original plan, but who knows maybe we’ll clear the space every now and again for the gents to take over.



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