His+Hers: Drinkware

by laura.johnson

We were told in our premarital counseling that differences can be good. If we were to have the same opinions and preferences 100% of the time, one of those opinions would be obsolete. Nowhere are our differences more evident than in our day to day choice of drink ware. Cody opts of an over-sized beer stein, while frugal me prefers a small juice glass (and even then I don’t even fill it up all the way). Never fear there is no shortage of opinions in this household, but we wouldn’t have it any other way.


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  1. lol. Gerard purchases our jellys and salsas based on the decorative glass jar it’s in. Our cup cupboard is full of canning jars for glasses. It’s become quite eclectic and a money saver-those things are solid and hard to break!

  2. Wow, when they are right up next to each other the size difference is astounding!

  3. What can I say? We had a couple of big glasses that were just for my dad growing up. Men drink big.

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