by laura.johnson

After my recent computer & wine incident, Cody and I have been learning to live as a one-computer family. At first we were all about togetherness, but between our 5+ different gmail addresses, our poor new computer was more than a little confused.

We decided that separate users would not signal the down fall of our life as one. As we’ve become more at home in our own virtual spaces, I have enjoyed the different persona’s our little guy takes on in the course of our morning routine.

To give you an idea of what I mean here’s a snapshot of our separate desktops, and a suggestion of a happy compromise.

Images from of Batblog, Fossil, & Jeff Schrier | The Saginaw News respectively.

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  1. Beth and I had to live with one computer for quite awhile. We managed to coexist pretty happily, except that, with both of us needing the PC for professional reasons, we finally had to break down and get a second one. Now we don’t have to fight over comp time.

  2. I do tend to dominate the computer, but we make it work.

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