Home for the Holidays

by Andrea Cooley

I wasn't sure I wanted to decorate or get a Christmas tree this year, with the baby boy taking up most of my time, but I'm so glad Adam convinced me. Even if it's only up for 2 weeks it was worth it!

In the past we've gotten our tree from a lot around the corner where kids from a church youth group are selling them, but this year we got the tree from Lowe's. It's a Frasier fir and really hasn't shed very much. And you can't beat $20! I also kind of like that it's only 5 feet tall. It's definitely smaller than ones we've had in the past, but I kind of like it!

Look at all those presents we have to pack up this weekend! I can't wait to host Christmas at our house some year and not have to load them all up!

Three stockings this year! The middle one is Emerson's. I don't think we'll put anything in it, but he had to have one! Adam's mom made these for us. I might have to learn how to make them!

I love the shim wreath. I'm on the hunt for a mirror that shape and size to hang there.

I found the trio of trees at Target for $6. They are part of the Mara-Mi line. I'm a big fan! But then I do have a soft spot for pretty paper goods. I've never met a stationary set I didn't like!

I filled a wire bowl that I've had for years with some glitterly balls I got at Pier 1, felt pinecones from Target, a natural ball, and pinecones I've collected on walks this fall. I love the mix of sparkly and natural! I've been moving the bowl between the coffee table and the dining room table and now have glitter all over the place! It kind of looks like pixie dust.

I thought it would be perfect to hang a chalkboard in our entry, but now i realize that it gets hidden by the door when it's open. Oh well! I'm definitely won't be quitting my day job to become a chalk artist, but I think my Christmas tree looks decent! Would you believe it if I told you I made the chalkboard while I was in labor with Emerson? I promise to tell the story (and share the secret to the chalkboard soon!)

Every year I buy a new ornament (who am I kidding, I buy SEVERAL new ornaments). I couldn't resist this felt mistletoe ornament from West Elm (I think it's on sale now if you're interested.)

So that's what our house looks like these days. We didn't get the nativity scene out and there are a few other things I left in the basement, but I think it looks good!

*Check out Becky's homemade mistletoe over at The I Heart Blog. I love it!

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Andrea Cooley

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