How I work

by Andrea Cooley

For the last week the dining room table has been my workspace–I promise I’ll show you what I’m working on soon! I like spreading out and working out in the middle of the house, rather than being confined to a room or corner. My desk at work is covered with magazines, post-it notes, and paper. That’s a sign of creativity, right? Or maybe I just thrive on the mess!

Adam usually doesn’t say anything about me taking over the dining room. He works from home and his “office” is out in the open in the area next to our kitchen table. He does like to be able to see the desk, so every week or so he organizes things and files his papers and receipts. He’s also the one who does our finances, so the fact that he’s organized is a good thing. The closet is another story, but I’ve already shown you what he does with his clothes!

Are you and your husband both messy or organized? Or do you balance each other out?

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Andrea Cooley

  1. My husband is definitely the less organized one:) Which is why we compliment each other (or drive each other crazy sometimes) so well – I’m neurotic and organized and he’s not!

  2. I’m the schedule-r and organizer but Gerard can clean much more thoroughly than I am willing to go most days. His strengths include the shower and the kitchen sink-he can make those things shine! We can both handle a mess for a few days if it’s a really busy week and then on the weekend, we get down to business and take care of a few things…

  3. Oh my goodness Andrea! Every time Jason goes into my creative space he says it’s a mess. My response is always “Nope, it’s creative”. You’d think after 9 years we wouldn’t have this conversation anymore…but we still do…oh well.

    I have dreams of being organized, but I never seem to find the right thing to do it with.

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