How Much is Too Much?

by laura.johnson

A girlfriend asked me recently how much she should pay for a good sofa.  She and her husband were doing their pre-shopping homework, and taking a long, hard look at their savings to make sure they had the funds to cut loose and get new furniture.  Honestly, I was a little dumbfounded at the question, I stammered off $799-899, knowing that they could find a sofa they like within that price point.  Immediately I wished I could take those words back.

After staring at sofas all day for the last few years, I know there are some great deals out there, you could get a sofa for $399 or you could buy a sofa for $3,999.  Is there a difference? ABSOLUTELY, is there $3,400 worth of difference? You tell me.  I’ve found some pretty pretty sofas from around the web. Let’s see if you can identify the High (over $3k) Mid ($999-2k) and Low (under $1k).

Never fear, I won’t leave you in a lurch,  later on this week I’ll give away my secrets on selecting a sofa that will last as long as you want it to, but won’t cost as much as in-state tuition.

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  1. I agree with spending more. My mom bought a couch when she was in college, about 45 years ago, and though it has its show of wear and my autograph in black marker:) it has held up wonderfully. I think she paid between 1-2K at that time.

  2. hm…. I bet one of the blue ones is very expensive and one is very cheap.

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