Hung out to dry

by Andrea Cooley

After seeing so many people drying their laundry outside in Italy, I was inspired to try it at home! Mind you, I don’t have a clothesline or a fancy drying rack, but I rigged up a solution.

I first started air drying my clothes in college, when I’d run out of quarters for the dryer, but now that we have a dryer that doesn’t require coins, it’s usually easier to just throw things in and pull them out warm and dry in less than an hour.

Obviously air drying is cheaper than running the dryer, and I think I read somewhere that the sun keeps your whites whiter. And isn’t there just something wonderful about the smell of laundry that’s hung outside? There’s no dryer sheet or fabric softener that can compare to the smell of sunshine and freshly mowed grass!

I’ve done a little searching online and found some clotheslines, but they’re kind of pricey. I know we’d save on our energy bill, but still don’t know if I can justify it… Maybe I can find one of craigslist.

Mid-size outdoor umbrella dryer, $62.90


Anyone have/use a clothesline? What kind do you recommend?

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Andrea Cooley

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