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by Andrea Cooley

Adam and I went to a wedding this weekend. We haven't been to as many weddings this year as we have in the past, but we always love them! Not only are they a celebration of love, but they are a great reminder for us of our vows (and we love a good wedding dance!).

You get a glimpse of how beautiful the reception was in this picture. I might have to share more pictures in another post. Let me just say, there were mini homemade pies, a cotton candy machine, chalkboard signs, sparklers, and lots of burlap! It was breathtaking!

I found these marriage pointers from My So-Called Life as a Proverbs 31 Wife on Pinterest and had to share it. I need to print this out and post it somewhere as a daily reminder!

The points that stand out most to me (and probably need the most reminders of are the first two.

There are definitely moments, even days, when I don't necessarily "like" Adam.

Anyone who's been married more than a week knows what I'm talking about! I let little things annoy me, forgetting that in the grand scheme of things it doesn't matter if when he closes the back door it sounds like he's slamming it or I have to ask him multiple times to put away his clothes. I'm sure I do plenty of things that drive him crazy, but we still love each other! That's what matters.

The second point, thinking less about my needs and wants than his, is also hard!

We are selfish beings by nature.

I realized pretty quickly after we were married just how selfish I am. Whether it was what I made for dinner, what show we watched on TV or how we spent our free time, my natural instinct is to do what I want to do. I also learned very quickly that if I was only looking out for my own needs and wants our marriage wasn't going to be a very happy one.

It's hard to sacrifice your own desires for someone else's, even when you love them! The beauty of marriage is that if you are communicating well with your partner, he will be sacrificing for you, and putting your needs before his! When you work together, you are both taken care of!

I'm not saying either of these things are easy, but when Adam tells me he loves me or shows me he appreciates me by reaching for my hand, smiling at me, or putting away the dishes, I know my sacrifices are worth it!

Which of these things is hardest for you to honor?

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