I {heart} Thrifting!

by laura.johnson

I know, it’s no shocker I’m a girl that loves a good deal, and if you can combine a good deal with supporting local agencies that provide shelter, food, jobs, for those around us.  Even better!  So when Mr. Goodwill Hunting himself announced a nation wide thrift store romp I couldn’t help but jump at the chance to join in the fun.

Next Saturday July 9th I’m hosting the Saginaw Thrift Store meet up.  We’ll drop in some of our favorite stores and explore a new one or two then finish up at a Pig fest!  Now I wish I could give you more info on what exactly a pig fest entails (yep that’s a good old pig pun) but I’ve got no clue, so we’ll have to experience this one together.  Drop me an email or leave a comment if your up for a thrifty time and I’ll get you all the details.

To get us excited for our big par-tay next week I will be recapping some of my favorite thrifty finds!

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