I love Des Moines

by Andrea Cooley

Living in Des Moines is great, but as a city it will never be in the same category as a Portland, Chicago, San Francisco, or Austin. And after living here for closet to 10 year (hard to believe!) I’ve come to terms with that. I absolutely love visiting friends in the aforementioned cities, but Des Moines is the place I call home.

That said, I have admired ORK POSTERS’ neighborhood designs and wanted to hang one in our house. It just didn’t feel right to hang another city’s poster if we had only visited the place. But, then Raygun (an amazing local t-shirt shop) had a poster show with ORK POSTERS who made a Des Moines neighborhood poster. Of course I had to have one! So now we proudly declare our love of the great city of Des Moines in our home.

I did not consult with Adam before buying this, but he definitely approved!

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Andrea Cooley

  1. Love it! I bought Matt a Los Angeles Ork poster for Valentine’s Day…only to have Raygun come out with the Des Moines posters a week later! I might have to get one of these too!

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