IF: Gathering

by Andrea Cooley

IF: Des MoinesJennie Allen is challenging women across the country to ask themselves this simple question: If you believe in God, then what?

I first started hearing about this movement on some blogs I read, and then I did a Bible study by Jennie Allen this summer (It was called Stuck and I highly recommend it!). Originally the conference was scheduled to be in Austin. But then it sold out in something crazy like 42 minutes and so the founders decided to open it up and do a simulcast to locations across the country. I was super excited that this meant I could go!

The first day of the conference is all about learning WHO God is, his character, his love, his plan for our lives. Then Saturday we will dive into WHAT that means for our lives. We will create our individual mission or purpose statements are and encourage each other and grow in unity as a community of women. We will take time to discover what our unique callings are and how can live them out. This is an event for women of all ages and stages. For young adults, mature women, married women, moms, career women, and anyone in between.

If you live in Des Moines, I hope you'll come to the event at Valley Church. You can register here. If you aren't in Des Moines, chances are, there's an event in your area. Check out the list of locations here. Some gatherings will be in churches and some will be in people's homes.

Still have questions? You can find lots of answers and more info here.

Leave a comment if you'll be going to an IF: Gathering. If you're in Des Moines I'd love to meet you and if you're somewhere else I"d love to hear about your event.

Let's unite as women of God to unleash the power of his love in our hearts and communities!

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