Hanging coffee mug rack

Ikea Grundtal knock off

by Andrea Cooley

coffee mug rackI’ve been looking for a way to hang my favorite coffee mugs for a long time. Last time we were at Ikea I was excited to get a Grundtal rail and hooks but they were out of stock. Sad!

A year later and I was still thinking about how I could hang my mugs.

I did a little brainstorming and realized I didn’t have to make a trip to Ikea to make my mug hanging dreams a reality, all I needed was a towel bar!

I made a bee-line to our neighborhood Ace Hardware after baby boy was in bed and found a $6 towel bar (it didn’t have to be anything fancy) and a couple packages of S-hooks and I was in business!

DSC_0575What was once a bare space above the toaster, is now a happy coffee mug display. And it frees up some cupboard space!

Coffee mug displayAs you can see I have a weakness for pretty coffee mugs. And these aren’t even all of them! I need to convince Adam to enjoy coffee so I have a reason to have so many mugs. coffee mug hanging barThe most expensive part of the project was the S-hooks. I think I spent more on them than on the towel bar, but they work great. The project was still under $20 so that’s a win in my book!

Have you hacked any Ikea products lately? Or finally finished a project you’ve been thinking about for ages? Tell me! I love a good makeover story.

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