I’m dreaming of…..

by laura.johnson

Often before our ideas make it to this space, we’ve spent hours, days, even weeks eying photos online for inspiration.  Whether it’s a paint scheme, summer wreathes, or diy art, you can bet there’s been a significant portion of online drooling research.

The newest love of my life has turned those half remembered photos into just a click away!  Oh how I love Pinterest!  With a simple click click you can store your images by category (or a little randomly like me) and always have them within spying distance.  Ahhh no more ‘i saw this pictures and….’ syndrome around here.

If you want to see the latest and greatest things we’ve been oggling, check out our boards, you can even follow along to see what we’ve been dreaming of long before it makes it to our little home.


Some of Laura‘s favorites




& of course some of Andrea‘s musings



image via pintrest &: House of Turquoise, Apartment Therapy, Little Green Notebook, Apartment Therapy, PearlbeeHow About Oragne, & Annie-Eats

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