In Progress

by Andrea Cooley

I had great ambitions of painting our bathroom this weekend. Adam helped me take everything off the wall (you never think about the fact that one bathroom has four towel bars until you have to unscrew them all!).

I got it all taped and primed. And then I had second thoughts on the shade of creamy yellow paint I had picked. It seemed too dark, not creamy enough. So I headed back out to Lowe’s to get another sample pot. Of course that one was too bright. And it actually made us like the first color.

So we made our FOURTH trip to Lowe’s for the weekend and got the paint. By this time it was Sunday afternoon and I only got one coat up before it was time to watch Downton Abbey (priorities, right?!)

Now it’s Wednesday and I’m fighting a cold, so our bathroom is still a work in progress. I’m hoping to get more paint tonight and finish painting before the weekend!

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Andrea Cooley

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