In the garden

by Andrea Cooley

I love having a garden. I’m like a little kid, digging in the dirt. Most days I spend at least a few minutes before or after work checking on my plants, weeding, and generally puttering around. It will still be another month before we start enjoying our veggies, but I just love the process of watching them grow!

Here’s what we have growing this year:

Yellow squash. I started this from seed and three plants made it. If they all survive the summer, we’re going to have a lot of squash to share!

Cherry tomatoes. I have these in pots, so the critters can’t get them. Last year we had one plant and it wasn’t enough, so we have two this year. I figure you can never have too many tomatoes, right?

They’re already starting to get ripe!

So far there’s only one green pepper, but there are lots of blooms. If you haven’t had a garden-fresh bell pepper, you’re missing out! The ones from the grocery store are flavorless compared to these guys!

More tomatoes. I have four plants of big tomatoes. Come August we’ll be eating BLT’s and making lots of salsa! I also have an anaheim pepper plant, but it’s not doing so well. I think the rabbits may like it. I’d think it would be too hot for them!

Lettuce. I put this in a planter this year to keep the rabbits away and it’s doing great! I just snip off the top and then it keeps growing!

There’s also watermelon (at Adam’s request), basil, and cilantro.

This is a our second summer in our house, but it still kind of amazes me that we have a yard we can dig in, whenever we want to! Yes, we have to mow it and rake it, but the dirt and grass and everything–even the dandelions–is ours! Amazing!

Do you have a garden? Do you have flowers or veggies? Any tips for keeping critters away from the veggies?

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Andrea Cooley

  1. My great-aunt suggested using tobasco powder and sprinkle it around the border of your garden to keep critters away. We’re currently growin: chives, rhubarb, potatoes, tomatoes, bell peppers, bush beans, peas, pumpkin, squash, cucumbers and sunflowers. I have an entire row of pumpkins that are will be perfect for decoration in the home for fall-if you want some let me know!

  2. Your garden looks so great! I have been avoiding putting pictures of my garden online b/c my weeds are taking over! Your hydrangeas look gorgeous! I may steal your idea to put some of my vegetables in pots next year to keep the rabbits away because my cauliflower and broccoli are getting EATEN by the bunnies. Grrr.

    We have been in our new house for a full year now. The landscaping/gardening and growing flowers is TOTALLY fun and up my alley! My husband and I often disagree on our priorities: (Ex: I’d rather plant flowers outside and he wants to get the dry wall up in the bathroom…) so I chuckled out loud when I read, “join us as we decorate with our husbands who don’t always appreciate our love for pretty things.” (I can totally relate to this!)

    Anyway, love this post! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Come over any time if you’d like a garden tour!

    I grow all my veggies in 4×8 raised beds. This year we’re doing: 9 varieties of peppers, 6 varieties of green beans, 11 varieties of tomatoes, 4 varieties of lettuce, radishes, red onions, carrots, 5 varieties of cucumbers, 2 varieties of sugar snap peas, 3 varieties of zucchini and an entire bed of strawberries.

    In addition, we also have asparagus, rhubarb and raspberries in the ground as well as cilantro, 4 varieties of basil, sage, pineapple sage, mint, chives, oregano, thyme, rosemary, parsley and dill.

    The best part is having fresh herbs and veggies for dinner each night and it’s a fun way to get the kids involved in gardening and healthy eating!

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