Inspiration for a blank wall

by Andrea Cooley

Like Laura, I also have a blank wall in the living room, begging for some love.

I love the idea of a gallery wall, but to do that you need a lot of great photographs or artwork. I’ve seen great examples of family photos, but aside from wedding pictures we don’t have photos I’d want to blow up and frame. Then I started looking at artwork, and that gets expensive really fast.

So I did some catalog shopping and some Etsy searches. Here are the first two prints I ordered. I was so excited when they came in the mail today!

They are from groundwork by Danna Ray. I love the colors and how I especially love the feathers, because they are different than anything I’ve seen. They are 8 1/2 x 11 and I’m imagining putting them in 11×14 frames with large, natural mattes. What do you think?

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Andrea Cooley

  1. Love these! What color frame are you thinking? White? Natural wood? Maybe even a painted light or dark blue? I’m curious…

  2. I also really like the prints you chose. I think you should take a hint from the texture of the feathers/leaves and continue finding art or photos that show texture. It would tie them together as well as be an interesting challenge. Great start so far!

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