Inspiration from the Oscars

by Andrea Cooley

Who else loves watching the Oscars? The dresses, the hair, the shoes. It’s all so glamorous! Some people take notes on the best outfits, but I take notes on the set design! I haven’t seen all the movies that were nominated, but I love seeing the worlds that are created on the big screen, and of course getting inspiration from them!

Hugo won the honors of best art direction. I could spend hours in this amazing library! How fabulous are the windows and the lamps on the tables?

Who didn’t fall in love with Paris after seeing Midnight in Paris? The romance and beauty and history of the place is intoxicating!

If you haven’t seen The Help, go rent it now! It’s a wonderful story and every room is spot on. I love the oriental rugs, the tufted side chairs, and the crystal chandelier. Everything in its place!

I love a classic farmhouse kitchen with a fireplace in it! And a hutch with glass doors, wallpaper, and a checkerboard floor.

This bathroom is over the top, but that’s what I love about it. It makes me wish I were a set designer and had a reason to hunt down pink bath fixtures! I can’t quite make out what’s on the wallpaper, maybe dogs?

{Images from Vignette Design}

What were your favorite movies (or sets) of the year?

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Andrea Cooley

  1. That pink bathroom took my breath away in the movie! I love colored tile more then anything. So girly, too. My bathroom is painted hot pink with black and white subway tiles currently and I love it.

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