International Inspiration

by Andrea Cooley

Laura did an amazing job keeping the blog updated while Adam and I traipsed through England and Italy the last few weeks, but I’m back and overflowing with inspiration! We ended our trip on the Amalfi Coast in the small town of Praiano, Italy, and I’ll be honest, when it was time to head to the train station, Adam almost had to carry me off the rooftop overlooking the sea. With a view like this can you blame me? But it’s good to be home!

Neither of us had ever traveled overseas and we had an amazing trip, that you’ll be hearing about for a long time! Of course I had my eye out for good design and pretty things. Here are a few of my favorites:

Amazing and vibrant mosaic tile on the floor in the Vatican Museums in the Vatican City

Pretty pastels in Notting Hill, London

A great wing chair in our hotel lobby in London

Love the wicker baskets on a bike in Florence!

I could lose myself in the endless shades of blue and green of the Mediterranean Sea

Time and time again, I was struck by what an amazing world we live in, and what an amazing God we have to create it for us to enjoy! We visited countless cathedrals and churches during our travels that were absolutely incredible, but they don’t hold a candle to the work of the Creator!

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Andrea Cooley

  1. Amen sister! So excited to hear about all your trips details! Glad you got home safely. :)

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